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Our services do not focus on symptoms' removal but rather on deep healing. Deep healing is a much more profound process. It has to do with restoring the body to its former state of health and even beyond that. It involves detoxification, purification, nutritional rebuilding and a healing lifestyle that restores the organism's health.

Thyrodren offers a package of two closely integrated services: Hair Analysis and Nutritional Balancing Programs. The Hair Analysis is the analytical tool on which the Nutritional Balancing Programs are based. For more details please read the Articles section.

Who can benefit from the program?

The nutritional balancing approach to healing is excellent for most people, but not for all.  It requires:

  1. Relative discipline to follow the dietary guidelines.
  2. Following a basically healthful lifestyle.
  3. Taking about 8 nutritional supplements at least twice daily, and preferably three times daily.
  4. Doing the optional detoxification procedures and the Roy Masters meditation exercise, ideally.
  5. All this must be done in accordance with our specific written instructions and explanatory information.

We do not recommend combining nutritional balancing programs with other vitamin, mineral, herbal, homeopathic, naturopathic, ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, dietary therapies, fasting, and the use of natural or synthetic chelation agents and any other Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies and programs.  Prescription medical drugs can be combined with the program if they are needed for a life-threatening condition.  This is not a problem.

How to begin a Nutritional Balancing Program

Prospective clients need to be aware and in agreement with Dr Wilson's Rules for Clients/Practitioners and then send us the initial information sheet. Click here to download the initial information sheet.

Moreover, you need to follow carefully the Hair Sampling Instructions. In the unlikely event that, upon assessment of the information sheet, we consider that your case cannot be helped by this program we will notify you the soonest possible and you will not incur any costs. This is the reason why we do not include a payment module for the hair testing service on this website.

Cost of the initial hair test and the initial program

The cost of the initial hair mineral test is €150 (includes 19% VAT). The cost of the initial consultation and Program is an additional 50 (includes 19% VAT).  This combined price  €200 (inclusive of VAT at 19%) includes the Lab Interpretation report as well as the customized corrective program by Dr Wilson. You will be sent payment information once we have accepted you on the program.

How to retest while on a Nutritional Balancing Program

Clients are normally required to undergo a retest hair analysis every 4 - 6 months so that their program is revised according to the changes of their metabolism.

Existing clients need to send us a new hair sample, and a completed retest information sheet. Click here to download the retest infosheet.

Make sure to follow carefully the Hair Sampling Instructions.

Cost of the retest hair test and the revised program

The cost for a retest hair mineral test is also €150 (includes 19% VAT)The cost of the program and retest consultation is an additional 50 (includes 19% VAT).  This combined price of €200 (inclusive of VAT at 19%) includes the Lab Interpretation retest report and the customized supplements program designed by Dr Wilson himself.

Other costs of the program

The main other cost of this program is the supplements. We make every effort to keep the cost of the supplements to a minimum.

Most of the time, the cost of supplements can be reduced to about €150.00 per month if you take supplements three times daily, which we recommend.

You may choose to take a slower route and take supplements only twice daily reducing the cost to about €100.00 monthly. The program will still work.

How to order supplements

Clients of Thyrodren can claim 20% discount on their orders from Endomet Labs. You can place orders via Fax : 001-602-371-8873, or Telephone: 001-602-995-1581 (9 hrs difference from Central European Time).

For more details regarding supplements' orders read the Ordering Supplements' Guide.

Your local health authorities may impose restrictions on the import of supplements from non EU countries. For a list of competent authorities of the EU Member States within the meaning of Article 4(6) of Directive 2002/46 on Food Supplements please click here.

Keep in close touch with us while on the program

Clients are required to keep in close touch with us while on the program so that we can monitor their progress.

We also need to advise them properly and promptly particularly during retracing, healing reactions or flare ups.

Please read this article several times and be very familiar with it. It is highly recommended to read all the Articles in this website.